A JUST Update

Last year, Bruner/Cott became the first New England company to receive the International Living Future Institute’s JUST label, a corporate responsibility and transparency metric emphasizing diversity, equity, social justice, and stewardship. The process of JUST certification was an illuminating one, highlighting our strengths as well as opportunities for improvement. After a period of concerted effort, we decided to check in to see how much progress we had made.  Here’s what we found:

Gender Diversity

BCA has long had a gender balanced workforce overall (we’re currently 52% female), and a series of promotions increased female representation in leadership and management to 38%, bringing us from zero to two stars. We will continue to work towards parity by rejecting gendered professional roles, supporting work-life balance, and encouraging professional development for all.

Gender Pay Equity

We earned three stars for gender pay equity by having less than 2% variance in pay between male and females employees at each level.

Worker Happiness

Our Worker Happiness Score (a measure of overall employee satisfaction with the firm) earned us three stars.  Our team reports that better communication, challenging project work, and more design dialogue have helped cultivate a more collaborative and engaged work environment.

Happily, we lost no points in any category! JUST has been a valuable tool for us, and we’re proud of the progress we’ve made.

More information on the JUST Program can be found through the International Living Future Institute.