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Newell & Weld Boathouses

Newell & Weld Boathouses

Sited prominently along the Charles River, the Newell and Weld boathouses are mainstays of more than 100 years of Harvard history and tradition. Both Newell and Weld are being carefully renewed in a way that balances the power of tradition with the needs of the modern rower. These iconic structures are under constant and intense use and serve as important examples of early rowing boathouses in the United States.

Harvard University
Cambridge, MA
22,850 sf
Photography by © Richard Mandelkorn Photography

Constructed in 1901, Newell is home to the most successful men’s rowing program in the country. Weld was constructed in 1906 and occupies an iconic position as a gateway to Harvard University. Both buildings are located in the Charles River Basin Historic District, are listed on the National Register of Historic Places, and are revered by Harvard students and faculty alike for their historic character.

We teamed up with Peterson Architects, one of the world’s leading architects of rowing facilities, and Harvard Athletics to renew and repair these buildings and provide collegiate athletes with a training experience that contrasts with what they sense on the water. The renewal aims to maximize the use of old and new spaces; inspire returning alumni, current athletes, and potential recruits; and embrace the identity and individuality of the men’s and women’s rowing programs, enabling the same level of opportunity for both teams.

The project will consist of extended service lines, building system upgrades, and accessibility improvements, as well as new workout spaces for ergometric and circuit training, improved and reconfigured shower, locker room spaces, and boat storage, as well as social spaces for teams to build and strengthen camaraderie off the water.


  • 2024 2024 Preservation Award - Weld Boathouse