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Mayflower Hill Residence Hall

Mayflower Hill Residence Hall

The new Mayflower Hill Residence Hall (MHRH) will provide a fully residential academic experience for upperclassmen at Colby College. The new, 4-story complex will create a diverse, welcoming community for students with a focus on universal accessibility, sustainability, and wellness. The program is arranged to foster a sense of belonging, encourage relationship building, and enable the holistic growth of students.

Colby College
Waterville, Maine
99,000 sf with Hopkins Architects

The design responds to the varying needs of upper year students, offering a mixture of single rooms and suites of 4, 5, 6, and 7 bedrooms. In the suites, single bedrooms are arranged around central common spaces like living areas, shared kitchens, and laundry amenities.

The residential program is divided into three zones – public, flexible, and private. This zoning approach allows the MHRH to easily host students and collegiate activities while providing personal privacy for daily living. Public zones are open, contiguous, and encourage indoor/outdoor connections. Flexible spaces accommodate smaller groups and gatherings, without the flow of public traffic through space. Private zones are connected, but separated from noisier gathering spaces and access can be restricted.

Bruner/Cott Architects is the Executive Architect and Hopkins Architects is the Design Architect.