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At 808-812 Memorial Drive, we recently completed an occupied renovation of two 1970s-era apartment buildings. Situated along the Charles River, the buildings house 300 mixed-income apartment units of varying sizes, approximately 38,000 sf of commercial space, and five levels of parking. The project’s design improves tenant comfort and sense of security, while also strengthening the residential community and identity.

Cambridge, MA Completed: 2022 490,000 sf Enterprise Green Community
Photography by © Richard Mandelkorn Photography, © Oval Room Group

Exterior renovations include new insulated cladding and window systems to refresh the appearance of the building and support mechanical system upgrades. The site will also receive landscaping updates to improve circulation and accessibility, including new surface materials, benches, and lighting.

On the inside, common spaces such as the community room, activity room, and computer lab will be reconfigured to better serve its users. Lobbies, elevators, and corridors will also be updated with modern and vibrant finishes, flooring, lighting and signage, in addition to select interior unit renovations.

To achieve a sleek, modern look while improving energy performance and boosting air filtration to improve indoor air quality to increase residents’ comfort, more than 320,000 SF of the towers’ ribbed face concrete façades were overclad with a custom, unitized 12-inch-thick panel wall system. Installation of the new, high-performance façade and window systems refreshed the appearance of the building, supported mechanical system upgrades, and significantly reduced residents’ cost of living. The 12-inch thick insulated overclad assembly was detailed to maintain large operable windows and private terraces for each residence. Access to fresh air, daylight, and view of the Charles River were all important to the tenant community.

A critical goal of this work was to avoid the displacement of families and individuals during the process. To achieve this, the firm refined its approach to the design, installation, and phasing of the project, developing an overcladding system comprising a panelized skin that could be assembled offsite and lifted into place. Once the building was fully enclosed, existing windows were removed from the interior as the last step of assembly.


  • 2023 Environmental Impact Commendation, Built Design Excellence in Housing
  • 2023 Retrofit Metamorphosis Awards, 1st Place - Multifamily Housing
  • 2022 BE+ Green Building Showcase, Sustainable Building Renovation Award