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Publications 1989

The Tab, Fenway Housing Complex

New Fenway Housing Complex Ready

New York Times Magazine

A MegaMuseum in a Mill Town?

New England Real Estate Journal

Washington Elms, “BSA’s 1989 Housing Awards Focus on Affordable Housing,”

New England Real Estate Journal

Mystic Views Apartments, “Bruner/Cott Designs Mystic Views Apartments,”

Design Times

Bruner/Cott Interview, “The Big Picture,”

Design Times

45 Province Street, “Romancing the Stone,”

Building Design and Construction

45 Province Street, “Zoning Plan Readies Boston for New Downtown Core,”

Boston Globe

Washington Elms, “Honoring the Architects of Lower-Priced Housing,”

Boston Globe

Custom House, “Plan for People, Not Just Autos,”

Boston Globe

Brickbottom Artist Housing, “Brickbottom Blooms,”

Boston Globe

“931 Mass. Ave.”

Architectural Record

MASS MoCA, “Massachusetts’s Ambitious MoCA,”

Boston Globe Magazine

Custom House, “Custom Made,”